Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a medical professional to go on a medical mission?

No, while only licensed medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses can perform medical procedures during the missions, we welcome all volunteers. Nonmedical volunteers are utilized on mission trips to help with crowd control, registration, other clerical duties, taking photographs, and updating Labors of Love Missions social media accounts.

Are vaccines required before I can go on a medical mission?

With our current mission trips to Lagos, Nigeria, and surrounding areas, there are no vaccines necessary to get into the country. However, Malaria Prophylaxis is required and will be provided by the Labors of Love Mission team on the first day of the mission.

What is the cost to attend a medical mission?

The cost to attend a mission fluctuates based on the time of year and other factors. Labors of Love Missions works to keep costs as low as possible by partnering with trusted organizations and host families in our mission areas. In the past, our missions tend to fall in the range of $2000-$2500 per volunteer for each mission. This cost covers the volunteer's flight, lodging, breakfasts, and helps to cover the expenses for the medications and other supplies brought on the mission.

Is my visa included in the cost of the mission?

No, each volunteer is responsible for obtaining their passport and visa for the trip. We recommend you apply for your visa a minimum of three months in advance of the trip's departure date. To apply for a visa, you must contact the Nigerian Embassy in the United States. We know of locations in Washington DC, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Do I need to book my own flights or hotels for the trip?

No, the Labors of Love Mission team will book the flights and make arrangements for lodging for the duration of the medical mission trip.

Other relevant details:

  • What to pack - pack all personal items you will need for the trip, as well as money for lunches, dinners, tourism, sightseeing, and souvenirs. Please note that volunteers are often asked to pack some of the supplies for the mission in their suitcases.
  • There will be internet service/wi-fi, and airconditioning
  • Transportation is generally provided by our partners in Nigeria and water will be available for volunteers throughout
  • The typical mission is 10 days with 1 day for arrival, 6 mission days, 2 sightseeing days, and 1 day for departure. Mission days are generally from 9 am-3pm.