About Us


Our Mission & Vision

To provide through collaboration with local government agencies, churches and medical facilities, much needed medical supplies and treatment to the less privileged people of the world.

We align with medical training facilities around the world to exchange medical information and practices as well as educate the local populace about basic preventive care.

Olujoke Jones MD

A Note From Our President

"As an African trained physician, from the western part of Africa (Nigeria) I have always had the  desire to give back to humanity. Loosing a brother to something as simple as Steven's Johnson Syndrome before going to medical school, and living in the United States for more than twenty years, I am familiar with the major obstacles we are yet to overcome in less developed countries. We are truly blessed and I believe God’s blessings abounds all his creation. We are limited only by what we are exposed to. I  believe in love and have come to realize that all of humanity have a natural goodness and kindness within us. What limits us is our environment and knowledge. Mission trips is a way to explore different worlds. It opens us up in a way you will never imagine. No one returns from a mission trip the same. It is a great way to show love and give love. I still remember my first trip like it was yesterday. I believe strongly that exchange of information is key. We all have something to learn, and each time we learn something new, it makes us a better person."


our partners


Glory Worship Center. The Citadel of God's Glory

A Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God


Succour for Women's Care Foundation

The Vision of SCWF is ‘transforming lives and affecting destinies for better by providing medical intervention, outreaches, and empowering women socially and economically.


The Chapel of Praise NWA

A Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God